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5 Cylinder | 1999 - 2007 | rep. set coils

€ 120,00 stuk


The coil wiring for the Volvo 5 Cylinder 40-50-60-70-80 series is located underneath a cover where temperatures can raise to very high values. Eventually, this can cause damage to the connectors, resulting in failure codes and poor running of your car. This repair section offers an economic solution, leaving the rest of the engine harness intact.

This repair is not difficult; the coil cover is easy to remove, giving access to the coil wiring.
The only complication is that the harness branch that going to the coils also has the wires for VVT connectors (from 1999 onward). Though it may not be necessary to replace them at this stage, it could be a good idea to do so, now that you are at it. They are available separately (see related products). For more information please view the installation instructions.


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