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700 | LH2.4 Turbo Conversion harness

€ 329,00 stuk

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This harness is designed for converting your Volvo 700 motormanagement system (e.g. K-jet) to LH2.4, which is generally considered the best factory system for Volvo 200, 700 and 900.

It is based on a late type (1992) 240 harness designed for LH2.4 fuel injection with EZ116K ignition.


- This harnesses is to be used in a 740/760 turbo car and designed for use with all injector types. On request I can also build a non-turbo version at the same price.

- Both ECU's are wired for mounting in the passenger leg space. For cars with airco this can become difficult and, on request, I can build a version with longer wiring for the ignition ECU. It could than be mounted at the driver side.

- This version will require the cable connecting to the air mass meter to be installed along the right side.

- The coil should be mounted on the right side. This is usually the case, except for B23 engine. Please let me know if you want the wiring changed for coil on the left.

This harness now has a connector for using with a 940 radiator fan. It has the control wires (high/low) from the ECU. You would still need a separate cable for connecting it to the fan relay. Often that wiring is still found on the original relay block.  But if you need it new please contact me.

Here is some more general information that might be useful for your conversion project.


If you have an ECU with immobiliser (like the 0280 000 984) here is a good place for new chipset:


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