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240 | LH2.4 Conversion harness

€ 319,00 each

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This harness is designed for converting your Volvo 240 motormanagement system (e.g K-jet) to LH2.4, which is generally considered the best factory system for Volvo 200, 700 and 900.

It is based on a late type (1992) 240 harness designed for LH2.4 fuel injection with EZ116K ignition.

This conversion harness is suitable for both turbo or non-turbo. Also, it can be used with either high or low impedance injectors.


If the modelyear of your car is 1980 or older, please contact me. The 8 pole connector for connecting to the main harness (at the firewall) will be old style, with spade terminals.
I can fit a matching connector to the conversion harness.

Make sure you are certain about the injector type.


If you have an ECU with immobiliser (like the 0280 000 984) here is a good place for a new chipset:

Here is some more general information that might be useful for your conversion project.

Tip: Installing the harness, requires a 50 mm round hole in the firewall. To achieve that, I offer a metal hole saw at cost price.

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