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How to get the right harness

For North American Volvo engine wire harnesses:  please visit Dave Barton. 

Many different engine wire harnesses have been used on the 200 and 700 series.

To avoid disappointment and delays, it is of course important to make sure you order the right harness:

  • Directly from the webshop, if you know engine type and year of the car.
  • Or first mail me the VIN of your car. I will then be able to inform you what you need.

The harnesses found in the webshop are usually in stock. Please mail me if yours is not listed there, because many others I can build within 3 days. Should you require a harness that is new for me, it can probably be copied using your original.

Note: Any harness delivered can always be returned. Only one condition: it was not first installed and removed again.

Elbert Bos Wiring

I am specialised in replacement harnesses for all Volvo cars equiped with bio degradable wiring. Bio degradable wiring was used on allmost all of the following cars:

  • 240/260                1980 - 87
  • 740/760/780        1983 - 87


The insulation material of this type of wiring will sooner or later get brittle and fall off. Exposure to heat will speed up the process, which is why the engine harness is affected most. Without doubting the good intentions of the manufacturers, we can still see thousands of car owners facing lots of trouble. Like many others, you may have replaced quite some suspected parts, before discovering the main cause of everything; which are the shortcuts somewhere inside the wiring harness. It is the truth that many otherwise good cars ended up on junkyards way too young. Where a new engine wire harness is usually the only solution, they were not available at all for several years. By now, I can offer most of them from stock. And also other wiring (such as overdrive) is available. The range of products is growing!


All harnesses produced by Elbert Bos Wiring are made using modern "thin wall" wiring and only brand new connector parts. Excellent quality is guaranteed.